Sweetheart Vintage Customisation Service
Tailoring pieces to your individual taste and theme

I love being able to help brides tailor products to their individual taste, and this happens very frequently as well as creating entirely new pieces. I also think it’s only fair to have a no-quibble returns policy on items that you request to be modified or made.

Brides come up with some fantastic ideas and it great to have you involved in the design process.

You will be surprised how low-cost this service is so please don’t be afraid to ask – I promise you won’t be scared!

Floral Elegance Double Headband    Rhinestone and Beaded Headband

Custom Floral Elegance Headband                                 Rhinestone and Beaded Headband
(On a double headband instead of single)                       (On a headband instead of a comb)

FAQ’s about bridal jewellery and hair accessory customisation:

What sort of customisation can I ask for?

Here is an idea of some of modifications I make for brides:

- Wrapping a headband with ribbon instead of pearls and vice-versa

- Adding some pearls to a hair accessory that only has crystals

- Putting the centrepiece from a short comb onto a longer comb

- Making a comb into a headband and vice-verse

- Making matching earrings for a bracelet

- Making a gold version of a silver item and vice-versa

- Making a single headband into a double headband and vice versa

- Changing the colours of pearls to match the dress

- We also make entirely new items from scratch to match the brides theme

Not all items can be modified so please email me to explore options.

Can I return a bespoke item?

Yes – I am here to make your wedding day planning less stressful, not more! Some very intricate products will have a small cancellation fee if you decide to return it, but this would be discussed in advance.

How quickly can you turn my bespoke item around?

If it is something simple it can be done in our standard turnaround time. Other more complex modifications may take longer and timescales can be agreed in advance.

How much will it cost?

You will be surprised how cheap our customisation service is. Some modifications will not cost anything. Please contact me to discuss your individual requirements at anna@sweetheartvintage.co.uk.